Northern Farmhouse Pasta Products
Our pasta comes in various sizes, shapes & flavors, so you have a selection to choose from.  Many of the flavors change with the season and highlight what is available.  We work with our local farmers to create exceptional pasta for you.

Our pasta takes, on average, about 5-6 minutes to cook in salted, boiling water.
This is a fun pasta to have with almost anything, anytime of the year.
Like spaghetti, but square cuts instead of round, this is an old world style pasta worth trying.
This pasta looks like hand rolled penne.  It goes great with a thick sauce or pesto and is one of my favorite short pasta.
Originating in Northern Italy, this pasta holds veggie & meat based sauces great.  Try it in salads with a pesto.
Orzo in Italian means “Barley” and resembles that grain.  It is great in salads, soups and as a base for fish, shrimp or anything you create.


Our ravioli are made with farm fresh Ricotta crafted locally and the dough is made with NY Organic Flour from the Finger Lakes Region.  These two componets and the freshest, local produce available are what make an exceptional ravioli for you to enjoy.  We take great pride in constantly providing different flavored fillings and dough, so you can experience what tastes the Catskill Region can offer, season after season.
Local . Fresh . Exceptional

Garlic Scape

Basil & Zucchinni Blossom

Roasted Summer Corn

Tomato & Basil

Wild Ramp

Roasted Garlic & Spinach

Harvest (Butternut squash)

Honey & Rosemary

Roasted Beet & Arugula


Broccoli Rabe & Garlic

Pumpkin & Arugula

Nero Fettuccine
To create our Nero Fettuccine we import squid ink and blend it directly into the flour. This black pasta is tasty and the contrast on your plate is an awesome visual. Prepare with your favorite seafood and top with a light cream sauce! Also a rich clam sauce is a great way to enjoy this as well….pick up some white wine too!
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Wood Fired Garlic
With our Wood Fired Garlic Fettuccine we take fresh garlic & smoke it to give it a garlic depth with a wood fired oven taste. Simply add plum tomatoes and you and friends will enjoy a treat! I like to add calamari or shrimp with some red pepper flakes with the tomatoes and alittle spinach…..WOW!!!
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Wood Fired Portobello Fettuccine
This dark pasta has a mild smoky flavor that is sure to make your guests want seconds. Prepare with a chunky tomato sauce or with a rich cream sauce & chicken.
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Fra Diavlo Fettuccine
If you're looking for a kick, this is your pasta. We blend chile peppers into this pasta to create a spicy bite that is insane with a light cream sauce and pan seared scallops and/or shrimp!
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Applewood Smoked Tomato Fettuccine
For a unique taste, we smoke tomatoes and then blend them with garlic & sea salt. This pasta is one not to miss out on!
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Farmer Fettuccine
This pasta is the base of all our pasta and is great with a simple olive oil and garlic
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Gnocchi Sardi
This Sardinian style gnocchi is made with just flour. It is a shell type pasta that swells up into a gnocchi shape and holds the thickest of sauces real well. We enjoy it with olive oil, sauteed tuscan kale and a lean ground meat...I'm getting hungry thinking about it!
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Garlic & Spinach Fettuccine
The name says it all! Add what you like whether it is chicken or cherry tomatoes and shrimp sauteed in olive oil(my favorite way). You be the chef and make it happen!
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Bourbon Barrel Cracked Pepper Pappardele
Now this is our best seller!!! it is so versitile and taste great with everything. Grilled or roasted veggies are a must or add some shellfish and a thin tomato sauce. The pasta is not smokey, but the black pepper comes through perfect each time.
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