New York's First Pasta Shop to use 100% NY grown Wheat!!! Welcome! Northern Farmhouse Pasta is a family-owned and operated shop located in the legendary Catskill Mountains of NY. We create fresh pasta and ravioli using local farm products. We rely on these surrounding farms to provide some of the best tasting produce this region has to offer. We also grow a select amount of produce ourselves to be used in our ravioli.

We invite you to see who we are and the various pasta and ravioli we create.

Shipping is FREE East of the Mississippi....and minimal amount added West of it.

Also come to the shop on Friday's & Saturday's from 5pm to 9pm for dinner! We have a different menu each week and it is posted on Facebook typically by noon on Friday. Reservation not required, but recommended.

Established in 2011 as a small family owned artisan pasta shop, we craft various dried & fresh pasta, along with our signature ravioli, using NY organic flour, local cheese and produce from surrounding farms. We see our ravioli as a means of packaging what is grown on the farm and providing it right to you to enjoy!

Our ravioli fillings are based on the season and what is available. We may have Wild Ramp or Garlic Scape in the Spring, Basil & Zucchini Blossom in early summer, Roasted Sweet Corn in late Summer, Butternut Squash in the Fall and Roasted Garlic Spinach in the winter. At any time of the year we are creating various ravioliā€¦ and we are constantly changing what is available to you, so you can enjoy what the seasons offer.